Lifeboost Coffee Reviews 2024: Are These Organic, Low-Acid Beans Worth The Hype?

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Lifeboost Coffee offers a wide range of gourmet coffee beans. Find out why they're so great in our Lifeboost Coffee reviews below!

lifeboost coffee reviews

Lifeboost Coffee offers a wide range of gourmet coffee beans from Central America. The beans are healthy, organic, and low in acid. Lifeboost gives you a reason to drink more coffee without any guilty feeling. The company is Fair Trade certified and committed to giving back.

As coffee enthusiasts at Coffee Brewing Pro, we find and test the highest-quality beans on the market for you. We took an in-depth look into the Lifeboost Coffee brand and tasted a few of the bean choices. Now, we have all you need to know about this coffee brand.

Lifeboost single-origin coffee beans are full-bodied and offer a wide variety of bean choices. The company produces organic coffee and tests for toxins before shipping.

The beans may be pricey but there are many benefits to choosing Lifeboost for your brew. We look at the growing process, sustainable measures, roast options, and more in this Lifeboost coffee review.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Lifeboost Coffee.

Top 12 Coffee Beans From Lifeboost Coffee At A Glance

Best Overall
Lifeboost Medium Roast
Lifeboost Medium Roast
  • Sweet cocoa flavor with woodsy undertones
  • Available as whole beans, K-cup pods, or Go bags
  • Available in regular and decaf
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Best For Espresso
Lifeboost Espresso Dark Roast
Lifeboost Espresso Dark Roast
  • Bold and full-bodied
  • Chocolate and caramel notes with an earthy undertone
  • Available as whole bean and pre-ground
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Best Dark Roast
Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast
Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast
  • Rich, smooth, and full-bodied
  • Available as whole beans, pre-ground, pods, or Go bags
  • Great for sensitive digestive systems
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Best Light Roast
Lifeboost Optimist Light Roast
Lifeboost Optimist Light Roast
  • Smooth and full-bodied
  • Produce a well rounded and balanced cup
  • No bitterness
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Best Flavored
Lifeboost Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle
Lifeboost Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle
  • Sweet and salt combo
  • Rich, bold, and creamy
  • Undertones of chocolate, caramel, and a slight fruitiness
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Best For Cold Brew
Lifeboost Biotics Cold Brew
Lifeboost Biotics Cold Brew
  • Supports digestive health, immune system, and inflammation
  • 7-46X more antioxidants than other common beverages
  • Uses 12 different strains, and has exclusive rights to toxin scavenging bacteria trained over 7 generations
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Best For Pod Machines
Lifeboost Coffee Pods
Lifeboost Coffee Pods
  • Compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0
  • Non-GMO, single-origin, organic, and Fairtrade
  • 100% compostable pods
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Best Premium Low-Acid
Lifeboost Java Blue
Lifeboost Java Blue
  • Smooth and creamy
  • Strong body and bright
  • Floral and spicy flavor notes
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Best Flavored Decaf
Lifeboost Caramel Macchiato Decaf
Lifeboost Caramel Macchiato Decaf
  • Medium roast coffee
  • All-natural caramel macchiato essential oil extract for a rich flavor
  • Low calorie
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Best Reduced Caffeine
Lifeboost Half Caff
Lifeboost Half Caff
  • Decaffeinated by Swiss water method
  • Produce a well rounded and balanced cup
  • Rich and bold, with undertones of chocolate, caramel, and a slight fruitiness
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Best For Winter
Lifeboost Pumpkin Spice Coffee
Lifeboost Pumpkin Spice Coffee
  • Includes a blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove essence
  • Sweet and spicy
  • Bold and fragrant aroma
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Most Exclusive
Lifeboost Luxe Collection
Lifeboost Luxe Collection
  • A triple pack of the 3 most premium coffees: Java Blue, Yirgacheffe, and Pacamara
  • Java Blue is smooth, earthy, and creamy
  • Yirgacheffe is floral and sweet, with strawberry and peach undertones
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What Is Lifeboost Coffee?

What is lifeboost coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee is a premium coffee brand. The brand produces some of the healthiest coffee available. Dr. Charles Livingston developed the low acid coffee brand. He is a well-known chiropractor, health expert, and coffee connoisseur.

The company aims to craft healthy, organic coffee with one key ingredient. That ingredient is premium Arabica coffee beans grown in optimal conditions. 

The gourmet coffee brand offers a wide variety of coffee beans and products. The types of coffee range from classic dark roasted coffee to flavored roasts

The company offers whole beans and ground coffee. Also on offer are Go Bags which are tea-like bags filled with ground coffee.

Lifeboost produces organic and clean coffee. This means they use no harmful chemicals during the growing process. Lifeboost coffee plants are shade-grown. 

This means the plants are grown in the best conditions for quality-tasting coffee. Shade-grown coffee grows at a slower rate which allows the cherry flavors to fully develop.

The single-origin coffees are grown, roasted, and bagged using best practices. This is to protect growers, roasters, and consumers. The beans are grown on farms in the Nicaraguan coffee region in Central America.

The coffee is pricier than other craft coffee brands but it is worth it. If you are looking for low acid beans that are full of flavor then these beans are for you.

What Makes Lifeboost Coffee Special?

Lifeboost commits to producing a range of high-quality beans for coffee brewers. The company helps conserve the entire coffee industry. This is done through sustainable practices during the process.

The brand produces each bag of coffee with best practices. These processes are as follows:

Growing Process

Lifeboost Coffee Reviews 2022 - Lifeboost Growing Process

Lifeboost Coffee is grown in the mountainous region of Nicaragua. The coffee plants are grown at high elevations between 4,000 to 5,700 ft. The high altitude produces premium coffee beans. This is due to the colder temperature found at this altitude. 

The coffee plant takes longer to grow in colder conditions. This gives the beans time to fully develop. 

This longer process allows the complex sugars to mature. The result is a full-bodied cup of coffee full of bold flavors.

Lifeboost Coffee beans are shade-grown which offers many benefits. Shade-grown plants don’t need as many pesticides as sun-grown plants.

Shade-grown coffee plants benefit from the foliage that falls off the trees above. The decaying plant matter fertilizes the soil naturally.

Shade-grown coffee is also better for the environment. The canopy of trees filters carbon dioxide to help prevent global warming. The shade from the trees also promotes moisture in the soil.

The plants grown in shady areas produce cleaner and sweeter coffee beans. Your beans will receive natural nutrients to grow to optimal size and taste.

Once the plants have produced the coffee cherries, they are hand-picked by harvesters. Hand-picking coffee means that only the best cherries are selected

Once the coffee cherries are selected and picked, the drying begins. Lifeboost uses a wet/dry method to remove the flesh from the cherries and dry out the beans. 

The harvesters leave the picked cherries to dry out naturally in the sun. This process reduces the chance of the beans getting damaged or developing mold.

Once dried out the harvester rinses the coffee cherries in natural spring water. The beans are then mechanically processed to remove the flesh. Finally, the beans dry out again in the sun before resting in burlap bags until they are roasted fresh to order.


coffee sustainability

Lifeboost Coffee cares about sustainable practices. The company maintains best practices throughout the process. From the growing of the plant to the treatment of the farmworkers.

Lifeboost is a Fair Trade certified company. The company pays the coffee farmers and harvesters a fair price for their work. Third-party organizations regulate and watch prices to ensure standards are upheld.

Coffee companies that are Fair Trade certified may pay an extra amount to the farmers. The company could also choose to allow the farmer to set a price. This lets coffee farmers make a fair living for their labor.

Fair Trade ensures that everyone in the coffee-making process is treated fairly. This fair treatment results in a more sustainable coffee industry

Lifeboost sources its coffee from small-scale coffee farmers. This helps smaller communities rather than large corporations. You can be sure that these small farms cultivate each bean so they grow to optimal conditions.

Lifeboost goes beyond Fair Trade by donating proceeds from each sale made. These funds go to their two main beneficiaries. The first is Project Alianza which builds schools in local coffee-growing regions. The second is the Rainforest Trust.


Lifeboost Coffee Reviews 2022 - Single-Origin

Lifeboost Coffee beans are single-origin from the mountainous region of Nicaragua in Central America. This region is one of the best coffee-growing regions in the world. The region produces one of the highest quality beans in the world. Lifeboost Coffee beans are 100% Arabica.

Single-origin beans are the premium type of coffee. When using these beans, you can taste the full flavor profile of the region. The undiluted beans offer strong flavors that are unique to the growing region.

Lifeboost Coffee beans are grown in prime conditions. As a result, your cup will only contain flavorful beans. Coffee blends consist of lower-quality beans to bulk up the pack. Single-origin beans mean you are getting exactly what you buy.

The Nicaraguan region is known to produce sweet coffee beans.

The flavor profile consists of bold citrus flavors. You can also expect hints of chocolate, caramel, and woody flavors from this region.

Single-origin coffee allows you to trace exactly where your coffee is coming from. This lets you choose coffee from origins that produce your favorite flavor profiles naturally.

Lifeboost only uses Central American Arabica coffee. If you enjoy coffee from this region, then this is a good option to try next.

Acid Content

coffee acid content

Coffee has a high acid content which is usually around 4 and 5 pH when brewed.

The acids contain antioxidant properties but can also have a negative effect on you. Coffee that is high in acidity can upset your stomach and cause digestive problems.

To avoid this discomfort, you can make a cold brew coffee. This brewing method reduces the amount of acid in the coffee. The acid is reduced during brewing due to the low temperature.

Another solution is Lifeboost Coffee as the brand offers a wide range of low acid coffees. Lifeboost dark roast coffee contains the lowest acid content with a pH level of 6.

The coffee-growing region affects the acid content of coffee beans. Central America is a region that produces low acid coffee. Very few brands offer coffee beans with such low acidity.

Lifeboost coffee is a good solution if you are sensitive to acids.

Tested For Mycotoxins

Coffee mycotoxins

Coffee beans from Lifeboost are certified organic coffee. This results in clean beans that are free of unhealthy chemicals.

Even though Lifeboost beans are grown organically they are tested by independent testers. The testing happens to ensure there are no toxins found in the beans.

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring mold toxins that are found in food products. These mycotoxins can occur from improper handling or storage of food items. These toxins usually occur in warm and humid conditions.

The tests are not only conducted to check for mycotoxins. Lifeboost Coffee is tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria as well as 400 other toxins.

Lifeboost Coffee tests each batch of freshly roasted beans. This means you are always receiving clean beans. When you buy Lifeboost Coffee, you will know what you are putting into your body.

Roast Options

coffee roast options

Lifeboost Coffee undergoes a careful roasting process. The beans are roasted by coffee roasters once you order the beans. This ensures that the beans you receive are as fresh as possible.

Lifeboost Coffee offers light, medium, and dark roasts. The company also offers flavored and specialty coffees.

Light Roast

Lifeboost light roast

Lifeboost light roast coffee contains the most acids of the brand’s coffee. Light coffees naturally contain more acids due to the short roasting time. Although this acid content is still lower than most coffee brands.

A light roast is a great option to taste the full-bodied Lifeboost coffee taste. With the light roast, you will experience a smooth flavor with very little bitterness.

The light roast offers a smooth milk chocolate flavor. Followed by light caramel and nutty aromas and slight sweetness of vanilla.

The light roast is available in whole bean or ground form. Lifeboost light coffee roast is not available in decaf.

The lighter roast is ideal for a drip or pour-over coffee.

Medium Roast

lifeboost medium roast

Lifeboost offers a medium roast coffee bean that offers you a balanced cup of joe. The medium roast coffee produces a sweet cocoa taste with woodsy undertones. This roast is also said to have hints of strawberry.

The medium roast is the most versatile. You can buy it as whole beans, ground, in K-cup pods, or in the form of Lifeboost’s Go Bags.

The medium roast is also available in regular and decaf options. These coffee beans are well-suited for pour-over or French press brewing methods.

Dark Roast

lifeboost dark roast

Lifeboost dark roast coffee is perfect for coffee lovers who are searching for a bold taste. The dark roast offers full-bodied flavors. These flavors include dark chocolate notes with a caramelized sweetness. The dark roast offers earthy, smokey, and woodsy undertones.

The dark roast offers low acid coffee beans. This is the best choice for coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs.

The balanced flavor of the dark roast can be likened to a French roast and close to an espresso roast. The intense aroma works well in a variety of brewing methods.

You can enjoy the bold flavor in a Moka pot, French press, or an espresso machine. The roast is available in whole bean or ground form as well as K-cup pods or Go Bags.

Flavored Coffees

flavored coffee

Lifeboost flavored coffees offer unique coffee tastes. You won’t need to add sugar and sweeteners to these beans.

Flavored coffee is good for after dinner as a dessert. You can also enjoy it anytime you feel for a different tasting brew.

Here are two of my top picks:

French Vanilla

lifeboost french vanilla

The French Vanilla flavored coffee is a medium roast without an overly sweet taste. The French Vanilla roast offers a subtle flavor. The beans have the right amount of balanced sweetness for a coffee treat.

The flavored coffee blends contain organic coffee and natural flavors. No sugar and no calories are added. The spicy flavored coffee is available in whole or ground form.

The French Vanilla beans offer intense woody aromas and spicy flavors. You will enjoy a light and airy brew with these fragrant beans.

Caramel Macchiato

lifeboost caramel macchiato

The Caramel Macchiato offers a sweet caramel flavor balanced with slightly spicy vanilla notes. The flavors mix with the woodsy notes of the medium roast.

The Caramel Macchiato is available in whole or ground form. The beans are free of added sugar and contain 0 calories.

The Caramel Machiatto produces a soft buttery aroma as the coffee brews. The coffee offers a sweet toffee-like taste with light touches of fragrant vanilla.

Specialty Coffee

specialty coffee

Lifeboost Coffee offers a range of specialty coffee. These include limited-edition coffees, an Espresso Organic Roast, and a Biotics Cold Brew.

The Lux Collection

Lifeboost Lux collection

The Lux Collection is only available a few times a year due to the growing process. You can enjoy a Java Blue, Yirgacheffe, or Pacamara coffee. These beans contain various strains of Arabica beans to produce gourmet coffee.

The Java coffee offers a smooth and velvety flavor with a strong body. The Yirgacheffe bean produces light, floral, and fruity flavors filled with notes of strawberry and peach.

The Pacamara beans are sweet bourbon with a chocolatey undertone.

Espresso Organic

lifeboost espresso roast

The Espresso Organic Roast offers a robust flavor. This is a good choice for an espresso machine or Moka pot. The espresso roast coffee is certified organic. These beans also taste good with milk and cream for espresso-style drinks.

The espresso beans are characterized by bold undertones of chocolate and caramel with mild hints of fruitiness. The beans offer a well-rounded cup of coffee.

Biotics Cold Brew

lifeboost biotics cold brew

The Biotics Cold Brew is perfect for brewing your coffee in cold water. The cold brew beans contain 12 different strains of probiotics. These beans are good for a healthier choice of coffee. The added probiotics add to the natural antioxidants in the coffee.

The beans are bolstered with robust probiotics that can withstand stomach acid to provide you the full benefits. The cold brew beans are low in acid for sensitive stomachs.

Customer Reviews Overview

Doctors recommend Lifeboost coffee and customers love the low acid coffee. This is because of the health aspects and the quality of the beans. 

The medium roast is the most popular with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Customers like the smooth taste and the low acid content. Customers didn’t like the high price and found the flavor to not be as bold as expected, but generally, most were pleased with the flavor, quality, and health benefits.

Alternatives to Lifeboost Coffee

If Lifeboost isn’t for you, here are some alternatives which are similar in quality and taste.

Royal Kona Estate Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee


100% Kona is a gourmet coffee grown in Hawaii. The beans are a premium strain of Arabica known as Kona. The coffee is full of bold and smooth flavors. These flavors have fully developed during the growing process. 

The coffee trees grow in highly fertile volcanic soil. The coffee beans are expertly roasted to bring out the smooth and delicate flavors. This produces a bright-tasting coffee.

Volcanica Low-Acid Coffee

Volcanica low acid coffee

Volcanica offers a blend of low acid beans sourced from Sumatra and Brazil. The beans offer a nutty chocolate flavor with hints of tangerine.

The naturally low acid beans and longer roast time produce a coffee bean that is easy on the stomach. 

Despite the low acidity levels, the beans are packed full of flavor. This complex blend of nutty and fruity flavors will offer a balanced bitter and sweet taste to your coffee.

Bulletproof French Kick Dark Roast

bulletproof french kick coffee

The Mentalist French Kick Dark Roast offers a smooth medium-bodied coffee. The beans offer bold chocolate and smoky flavors. The bitter flavors will provide a subtle but effective kick of caffeine just when you need it.

The beans are a blend of Arabica beans and are tested for toxins after roasting. The company trades directly with farmers. This means you will be buying from a sustainable company. The company cares about the quality of every bean they sell.

The Verdict

Lifeboost offers a wide range of coffees including light, medium, and dark roast. Lifeboost also offers decaf, flavored, and specialty options.

No matter what your favorite type of coffee is, you are likely to find it at Lifeboost.

Lifeboost cares about the coffee industry as a whole. The company maintains sustainable practices and looks after the coffee farmers.

Lifeboost coffee offers customers the highest-quality Arabica beans from the Nicaragua region. Each roasted batch of beans undergoes tests for toxins and chemicals. This is to ensure you are getting a clean coffee for your brew.

Try these premium, organic, low-acid coffee beans today! If you don’t know where to start we recommend the Lifeboost Medium Roast as a great starting point.

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